1. 'why do couples stop having sex?' is the wrong question
  2. next... join me!


  1. women's personhood is on the ballot
  2. BMI, mortality, weight stigma, science... *sigh*
  3. How Not to Fall
  4. what to teach your boys -prevent violence with one simple idea
  5. 'interesting if true, but so what?' -- managing the long-term injuries to sexual wellbeing
  6. they don't want to hear that from us!
  7. talking to girls about their own pleasure
  8. Kinsey's 'new priorities': a threat to humanity? (Answer: No.) (Sorry.)
  9. my TEDx talk! 'Unlocking the Door to Your Authentic Sexual Wellbeing'
  10. emily's 180,000 word love letter to romance novels
  11. Chicago Ideas Week video


  1. #obostaughtme I'm normal, and now I want to give back. So: I'm giving away books!
  2. a sex book, in the top science & tech books of 2015? yes!
  3. calling all sex positive folks! #tweetyourlube
  4. what we call it (all the content warnings in the world -- sexual violence)
  5. in which emily brings the science
  6. National Coming Out Day
  7. why I am sex educator married to Erika Moen
  8. pleasure is the measure: one simple rule to radically improve your sex life
  9. Flibanserin, the FDA, and the longing for spontaneous sexual desire
  10. AASECT update
  11. audiobook of Come as You Are!
  12. the one reason I haven't shared that tea/consent thing
  13. a new metaphor for desire every week
  14. stay curious: the secret skill that will help you change your sex life... and the world
  15. this was the best thing that could have happened to me on International Women's Day
  16. the social justice argument for a biological approach to sex
  17. what it's like to write a New York Times Op Ed (UPDATE)
  18. what we should be asking, instead of asking if the FDA is sexist (which it isn't)
  19. 15% of a feminist
  20. the dual control model, in under two minutes
  21. on the 'pink pill' and 'perfect' sex
  22. Ask Me (and three more wicked smart women!) Anything! Friday the 13th at 11am EST
  23. 10 awesome things to combine with my book, to get free shipping on Amazon
  24. a little thing you can do to make the world a better place for women's sexual pleasure
  25. why it's not disparaging to call the genitals 'peripheral'
  26. sexiness in Springfield, MA tonight
  27. why yes you CAN use coconut oil as lube!
  28. sex positive in western MA, mid-March!
  29. arousal nonconcordance, in two minutes
  30. anatomy: Columella Nasi
  31. LOVE illuminated
  32. anatomy: rasceta
  33. get your nerd on, live and in person! UPDATED
  34. one bit of orgasm advice that actually helps
  35. female ejaculation, and the problem with 'average'
  36. stump the sex educator: lots and lots of pre-cum, with male anorgasmia
  37. a new year’s resolution: notice pleasure


  1. The 5 Best Books I Read in 2014
  2. confidence and joy: how to
  3. cover reveal! Come as You Are: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life
  4. 4 holiday gifts for the sex nerd in your life
  5. stress response for bystanders
  6. bucket list item: teach Sex Ed for Romance Authors class [UPDATED]
  7. some actual data on college 'hookups'
  8. sex positivity defined
  9. in which emily isn't convinced that 'female' is a gender
  10. in which emily practices reflective self-compassion
  11. with gratitude to Beverley, Carol, and Victoria
  12. why I signed this important petition the second it landed it my inbox
  13. the social justice argument for self-compassion
  14. I may possibly have articulated the real secret to sex positivity. What do you think?
  15. is there a problem with 'fuck yes' consent?
  16. making responsive desire AWESOME
  17. Emily Judges: August Forel
  18. Emily Judges: William Trufant Foster (1914)
  19. the brain science of pleasure for #sfs14
  20. Emily judges: Henry Stanton
  21. the one thing that makes sex education dangerous
  22. SURVEY SAYS: 3 features of the best compliments a man can give a woman
  23. SURVEY SAYS: Compliment a woman's appearance only when she's already into you.
  24. the clitoris: it's where it's at.
  25. SURVEY SAYS: go ahead and touch women without their permission... as long as you never want to talk to her again
  26. what do you get when a nerdy sex educator writes a romance novel?
  27. How are penises like puppies...?
  28. how to compliment a woman (hint: the same way you tickle her)
  29. How many women never orgasm?
  30. An awesome question: why do women experience menopause?
  31. An awesome question: what is 'mojo' and can you have too much?
  32. An awesome question: My vagina eats condoms. What do I do? (UPDATE)
  33. An awesome question: Is 'porn addiction' a thing?
  34. An awesome question: How does one go about determining one's sexual orientation?
  35. An awesome question: how does a fetish develop?
  36. An awesome question: How do you fix sex education?
  37. An awesome question: why do I desire sex with my secondary partners, but not my primary?
  38. an-awesome-question-whats-up-with-those-sensation-enhancing-lubes-and-things
  39. An awesome question: What's the most intense vibrator?
  40. An awesome question: what's the deal with the g-spot?
  41. An awesome question: what is 'enthusiastic consent'?
  42. An awesome question: what exactly is female ejaculate made of?
  43. An awesome question: what do I do if i drool when I kiss?
  44. An awesome question: My spouse's desire has disappeared. Will I ever have sex again?
  45. An awesome question: My partner turns me on, but not in a way that leads to orgasm. WTF?
  46. An awesome question: how does birth control affect sexual interest?
  47. An awesome question: how do you ask to try something adventurous, without freaking out a new partner?
  48. An awesome question: How do I initiate sex when my partner doesn't have spontaneous desire?
  49. An awesome question: How do I ask for what I want in bed, when my partner is emotion dismissing?
  50. An awesome question: what is 'honeymoon nose'?
  51. An awesome question: is there a link between Autism spectrum and BDSM?
  52. Doctor Emily's Sexcellent Vacation: a 24hr Sex Q&A Sextravaganza!
  53. how to deal with heartbreak: difficult feelings are like a tunnel...
  54. the dual control model
  55. I drew this graph about sexual desire... and I think it might change your life.
  56. just what is the score re: treatment of men's and women's sexual problems?
  57. warm, competent, sexy: 2 thought-provoking results from the author photo survey
  58. is sexual violence like Bubonic plague?
  59. the science of (sexual) frustration
  60. how to support a survivor, in 4 difficult sentences.
  61. one night, seven years ago, I made a difference
  62. 'vagina' in the workplace
  63. trigger warnings
  64. learn about science, have a better sex life?
  65. Emily Read 50 Shades Part 5: why this book is bullshit, and what I intend to do about it
  66. Emily Read 50 Shades Part 4: You. Are. Mine.
  67. Emily Reads 50 Shades Part 3: don't make it more than I can bear.
  68. Emily Reads 50 Shades Part 2: There's something about Ana
  69. Emily Reads 50 Shades Part 1: What is it about elevators?
  70. cultural appropriation and the playground
  71. I'm going to read 50 Shades.
  72. why it's so hard for women to write about sex.
  73. on writing about race and sex: got any advice?
  74. Please vote and share
  75. 50-50 sex
  76. improving desire problems, without drugs.
  77. I can explain to everything


  1. how to popularize complex systems, and book recommendations for nerds this holiday season
  2. how likely you are to get pregnant if you weigh 176 pounds and take Plan B: what the research actually said
  3. The NYT establishes my benchmark for efficacy as a sex educator
  4. can a comic about science ever be more accurate than the science itself?
  5. What's actually wrong with telling women not to drink
  6. if you were a woman who loved sex...
  7. setting fire to the ropes: or, what it's like to write a book about the science of women's sexual wellbeing
  8. a better metaphor for nonconcordance!
  9. does this metaphor for nonconcordance make any sense?
  10. a deeper truth about the clitoris
  11. the ethics of a compelling violence prevention talk
  12. why are there so many virgin romance novel heroines? hypothesis: because neuroscience.
  13. 3 big problems (and 1 awesome thing) in huffpo's article about women's orgasm
  14. what if 'the latest science' isn't what you need to read about?
  15. what ecology taught me about writing about sex science
  16. did you have sex on 9/11? would you tell me about it?
  17. Iggy Pop, the rat nucleus accumbens, and your excellent sex life
  18. Review: 'What Do Women Want?'
  19. and then a book deal happened...
  20. monogamy is like math. desire is like dinner.
  21. if nothing else, let's get at least this one detail right:
  22. the reality is much quieter
  23. are anger and sexual arousal exactly the same?
  24. more on Naomi Wolf's Vagina
  25. change the metaphor, change the world
  26. why every journalist will want to read my sex book
  27. don't just talk about it (trauma, I mean)
  28. what if... women's sexual desire is a mass noun?
  29. the storyteller and the elephant
  30. the bees are fine
  31. the science of feelings, as illustrated by Hyperbole and a Half
  32. be the sex educator...
  33. catharine mackinnon and media obfuscation
  34. emily's alpha and a forced seduction
  35. she has to want it.
  36. mine
  37. farm to table porn?
  38. Vaginas of Science, Vaginas of Justice: Representations of Healthy Female Sexual Functioning in Feminist Porn
  39. evidence-based erotica
  40. what's wrong with Naomi Wolf's vagina
  41. genital arts-and-crafts project for the weekend!
  42. how you fix that
  43. 300 years of bad sex manuals
  44. hypothesis: hook up culture makes simultaneous orgasms both more difficult and more important
  45. normal, authentic
  46. toy review: the easy glider
  47. Sex at Dawn: the end (thank the little baby jesus)
  48. what to do with your tension
  49. some science on youtube!
  50. book review: Sex at Dawn
  51. trauma informed sex positivity
  52. arousal is like gravy: it doesn't just come when you cook the meat
  53. reply to Alain de Botton
  54. Sex at Dawn, pp. 200-250 (one more week to go, and I'm still not dead!)
  55. If only being funny weren't harder than being smart.
  56. the most important thing students learned in my 'sexual response' lecture
  57. a very sex nerd valentine
  58. dangerously untrue in Psychology Today
  59. your favorite books about sex
  60. Sex at Dawn pp 150-200. Week 4
  61. how is sex like a birthday cake?
  62. anatomy lecture
  63. Why is Lloyd Dobler shaking?
  64. (A) Sexual
  65. why do sex therapists and educators suggest a glass of wine?
  66. toy review: Lelo Lily
  67. Sex at Dawn 100-150
  68. Polyandry, and what it doesn't mean about human nature
  69. *Does* perfume 'lure mates'?
  70. Q&A: Can you change your sexual response?
  71. Emily at the Feminist Porn Conference!
  72. Sex at Dawn pp. 75-100
  73. Sex at Dawn pp 50-75, and I'm still not dead
  74. emily's new drug: Quora
  75. Do most men really have a stronger sex drive than most women?
  76. affiliating the blog - your thoughts? (UPDATE)
  77. 180 Heroines
  78. sex tips straight from the peripheral nervous system
  79. in fairness, what's good about Sex at Dawn (so far)
  80. Still trying to read 'Sex at Dawn' without actually killing myself
  81. aha! what 'normal sex' is really like
  82. EUREKA! Solving the 'different for girls' problem
  83. what 'normal sex' is like
  84. 100 days with Hanne
  85. January, and I'm writing love stories


  1. 'can' versus 'must'
  2. the shadow of a tesseract
  3. the sad state of sex in Iowa
  4. sex post-partum
  5. what I've learned from Facebook about porn -- and what I hope you'll teach me
  6. Woertman and van den Brink, 2012: body image and sex
  7. the phrase you're looking for is 'cognitive dissonance'
  8. emily to go!
  9. should you stimulate the genitals to create desire?
  10. non-concordance for dudes -- feedback please?
  11. early readers sought
  12. de Waal, 2002
  13. the two studies about porn stars
  14. feels about porn. feelings like woah.
  15. 'what women want' free ebook
  16. Why I'm in favor of Measure B
  17. for the 'DeadBedrooms' subredditors
  18. in which emily has breakdown, writes letters to editors
  19. bindra, 1969
  20. haptic vagina
  21. Berridge, 2003
  22. how a sex nerd copes
  23. Brotto et al, 2011
  24. nuts and bolts of masturbation
  25. that's not delicious
  26. Levin and Wagner, 1985
  27. spanking: normal, relatively rare, most explicable
  28. again with the pink viagra
  29. Laan and Both, 2008
  30. mark the box that indicates your choice
  31. how you know when to end a relationship
  32. the debate and the square root of a pork chop
  33. the truth about the toilet seat
  34. this year's relationship talk video
  35. my neighbor's fucking truck
  36. got vision?
  37. Annie Oakley says you're fine
  38. another thing about feelings
  39. advice for getting over a break-up
  40. what I have to say about Tosh etc
  41. what would those headlines look like?
  42. you're fine, dear.
  43. the sex we want to read about
  44. To Ms. B and the NYT
  45. Am I helping? Am I helping?
  46. Dear Michigan...
  47. it's nooootttt evvoluuuuuuttionn
  48. The Feelings. ALL THE FEELINGS.
  49. the kind of person who would buy it
  50. lemonade sex
  51. prepared for the unexpected
  52. gross is bad for your health
  53. I got smiled at
  54. Death Star Composter
  55. the way we're put together
  56. the plastic age
  57. how to feel your feelings
  58. original with integrity
  59. the garden, II – this time, it’s neural
  60. sex tips
  61. shenpa sex
  62. on the nature of being nice.
  63. Gaah! One condom at a time!!
  64. monogamy and Good in Bed
  65. at long last: the origin of 'honeymoon'
  66. the garden
  67. girls and autoerotic asphyxiation
  68. if I were FOOD positive...
  69. anti-sex-positive feminism?
  70. has masturbation hurt you?
  71. close enough for jazz
  72. sexy pro-tip: stop paying attention to the news.
  73. Flawed
  74. Freeze.
  75. today's thought for the day is...
  76. Civil is the new sexual. I guess.
  77. how to tell it's going well
  78. Dr Seuss on love:
  79. all kinds of weapons
  80. k-y lesbians
  81. did men evolve to be overconfident?
  82. I ♥ my...
  83. wanting, willing... open!
  84. it ain't about the money
  85. Need help finding a story about...
  86. a highly educated, never married white woman
  87. in which emily gets mad.
  88. listen.
  89. how do you clean a girl scout?
  90. behold, thou art fair
  91. they'll like us when we win
  92. how to talk about feelings.
  93. the actual, honest truth about how to break the hymen
  94. a stressed monkey
  95. what your dog needs, your partner needs


  1. emily's lessons about trauma, not from a book
  2. adventures in birth control, or: emily has a small uterus
  3. the little sexuality fugue
  4. learning to relax into sex
  5. could the emergency contraception decision make sense?
  6. how often you think about sex... or food or sleep
  7. more variation on objectification
  8. the 'feelings' cap
  9. 'meant to be' monogamous
  10. To participate more than I consume
  11. the monkey and the mind
  12. vulva cupcakes (not safe for most people's work)
  13. the body of a (female) blogger
  14. one sentence summarizes why the pharma industry is hopelessly misguided.
  15. interesting, but unhelpful
  16. 'tis the season
  17. genitals and epistemology
  18. joy
  19. on monkeys, bullshit, and scale
  20. my goils and bois.
  21. scientists. and the 99%.
  22. what are the sex books
  23. barefoot sex
  24. apologetically but insistently
  25. sex and the apocalypse
  26. this is what sexy looks like
  27. ebooks of compiled posts
  28. belly theories
  29. two boobs, two butt cheeks, no belly
  30. I want to make my partner come.
  31. more on being nice.
  32. be less American, okay?
  33. Yep, that's totally A Thing.
  34. I have your solution. But it's complicated.
  36. not if you're with the right person
  37. the fornix
  38. the long, hard road.
  39. womanhood is a terminal condition
  40. relationship talk video
  41. aaaaaaand we're back!
  42. emotion coaching
  43. nice to each other
  44. sex is a big deal
  45. @feministhulk
  46. how a sex nerd copes with the primaries
  47. everybody poops
  48. hard to get
  49. No One Will Ever Love You
  50. for the non-jealous partner
  51. Is He a Cheater?
  52. sex life of a sex nerd
  53. sex toys in lesbianville
  54. emily speculates about fantasy
  55. they found the clitoris in your brain
  56. ... is in a relationship with...
  57. ...but thinking makes it so
  58. top hat: sex dreams
  59. never let me go
  60. desire for sex, not necessarily orgasm
  61. the day I met evolution
  62. something to worry about
  63. the recession
  64. nothing you can do
  65. the right time to have sex
  66. what baboons teach us about culture
  67. when writers write sex advice
  68. trust your nervous system.
  69. bossypants
  70. a fishing show as the sexiest thing on television
  71. obsessed (with the sticky)
  72. backwards, regardless of shoes
  73. top hat: kissing
  74. how to break your hymen -- sincerely this time
  75. confidence
  76. my first sex educator
  77. a little science with that advice
  78. a destination, not a journey.
  79. help: drunk lesbian hook ups
  80. dancers make good television
  81. fun with gender dichotomies
  82. things that don't matter
  83. to crave (v., intransitive)
  84. the first boy who liked me
  85. the virtue of dirty
  86. best of dark and bright
  87. abortion, also
  88. inside my brain, it's all about sex
  89. enthusiastic, willing, unwilling, coerced
  90. the other problem with risk
  91. sex educator transference
  92. thy rod and thy staff
  93. hatred ∩ lust = 0
  94. are doods... really... this...?
  95. The cultural question mark -- OR why I need David Mitchell to get married
  96. comedy Saturday
  97. 10 things you didn't know about orgasm?
  98. feel free to email this commenter...
  99. usufruct her? I hardly know her!
  100. the menstrual cycle and the dodo
  101. what I see in the window
  102. orgasm questions
  103. bully for you, chilly for me
  104. the Northwestern sex class controversy
  105. beautiful
  106. emily meets a hero
  107. pain with penetration
  108. the masculinity of a sis-y man
  109. a top hat valentine: satisfied, single
  110. both alike in dignity
  111. ya'll versus thee
  112. what your body knows
  113. top hat: lesbian pro
  114. the secret ingredient
  115. top hat smorgasbord: ones I've answered on the blog
  116. snow day
  117. the parable of the man magnet
  118. two weeks -- or depression as pink viagra
  119. three nights in a row
  120. knowledge is power.
  121. 'science FTW!'
  122. QI, Syphilis, antibiotics, booze


  1. seahorses... and David Mitchell
  2. top hat question #6: women and viagra
  3. top hat question #5: crying with orgasm
  4. top hat question #4: how do i get where you are?
  5. floppy penis puppies
  6. top hat question #3: polyamory
  7. top hat question #2: clitoral first aid
  8. the top hat question #1
  9. what did you learn in school today?
  10. too rough, too rude, too boist'rous
  11. Emma could not forgive her.
  12. thanksgiving -- as in, giving thanks
  13. the nerdy beauty of seminal vesicles
  14. this isn't at all what i expected
  15. nice guys
  16. a sex educator in a small town
  17. other father -- aka 'look at me'
  18. laugh, lover, laugh
  19. an evolutionarily adaptive reproduction strategy
  20. a little to the left
  21. unintentionally heteronormative
  22. my favorites
  23. keep it up
  24. beta... revisited
  25. confidence and joy
  26. emily is funnier in person
  27. spoons
  28. pleasure as empowerment
  29. I don't respect you
  30. by request: to the teenage boy in your life
  31. this shit saves people's lives
  32. why some penises are curvy
  33. emily thinks about foreplay
  34. sexual assault prevention at a women's college -- WITHOUT victim blaming
  35. how to break a hymen without a penis
  36. advanced orgasm: what to do with a g-spot
  37. kinky
  38. different for girls v. mars/venus
  39. plain, spicy, chunky
  40. are you an introvert?
  41. eighty-four
  42. 'the face is like the penis!' (inappropriate erections)
  43. i like the sticky
  44. the little woman
  45. parental investment: blue tit
  46. the meaningless mean
  47. before you read Sex at Dawn
  48. the motivation to ask for what you want
  49. bend it like Beckett
  50. my favorite primate
  51. asexual
  52. parental investment: peafowl
  53. banging the effeminate drum
  54. excellent at intercourse
  55. the explanation I've been looking for?
  56. there's something about authenticity
  57. girls, enlightened sexism, picture day
  58. male display
  59. as seen on TV
  60. make a penis happy
  61. feminism, the nerd voice, and David Mitchell
  62. funny about cunnilingus
  63. fluidity: different for girls
  64. slug sex
  65. girls are gross
  66. ring the bell
  67. not ever
  68. differential desire
  69. what I got wrong about LUGs
  70. asexuality: the making of a movement
  71. words, words words
  72. LUGs, fluidity
  73. real pink viagra (3): stop having sex
  74. cervical mucus
  75. THE beauty... THE wonder...
  76. half the sky + sex science
  77. women's orgasms are unnecessary. are men's? (2)
  78. real pink viagra (2): body image
  79. women's orgasms are unnecessary. are men's?
  80. date night and girly stuff
  81. real pink viagra (1)
  82. the clitoris in your head
  83. a morning with condom commercials
  84. et tu, Marty?
  85. sex positive
  86. the evolution of a woman
  87. how to have an orgasm, in 400 words or less
  88. Occam and attachment
  89. now *I* want a 'condomlabra'
  90. attachment styles -- a primer
  91. sometimes a lighthouse...
  92. motivation: a pretty girl is like a pretty girl
  93. Science Prevails Over Profit Motive!
  94. top 5: sexy nerdy search terms
  95. excellent torture
  96. survey result: women want sex more than men (a.k.a., selection bias)
  97. emergence and levels of analysis
  98. your brain and you and the NYT
  99. top 5: things I object to in erotic writing
  100. motivation: why it matters
  101. survey result: what's true about you
  102. don't mistake this for science
  103. men have higher sexual motivation.
  104. what 'the sound of music' teaches us about how to fall in love
  105. emily reads romance novels
  106. sex work
  107. the egg comes first (motivation 5)
  108. what to give your grad: moregasm
  109. arousal is never aversive (motivation 4)
  110. your brain is a liar (motivation part 2)
  111. Happy Towel Day!
  112. beepbeep mm beepbeep, yeah
  113. on dating the author of a fellatio guide
  114. bullshitness of rabbit vibrators
  115. Understanding female desire disorder?
  116. what women want: London edition
  117. I Got Rhythm
  118. emily can has pink viagra
  119. what women want (12): leave that clit alone
  120. your body is meant to.
  121. delicious, delicious crow
  122. 100th post: a letter to my favorite species
  123. misogyny and cervical mucus in Scientific American
  124. boys and the hookup culture
  125. questions that don't matter (1)
  126. duck rape
  127. orgasm 11: was it fake?
  128. what women want (9)
  129. it's true, women ejaculate
  130. green porno
  131. feminists chicks dig...
  132. these women
  133. wanker.
  134. the experience versus the memory
  135. the real law of averages: the best sex offends people
  136. cross dressing moths
  137. a very sex nerd birthday
  138. Orgasm 10: simultaneous
  139. orgasm differences (to impress others at parties)
  140. anal penetration
  141. the honeymoon phase
  142. boys and girls and the first kiss
  143. what women want (7)
  144. Orgasm 9: energy orgasms
  145. making the first move: the first kiss
  146. the mistakes we make
  147. sex advice, sex education. how to.
  148. pedal pushing
  149. not yet rated
  150. 3 differences between men and women
  151. what women want: making it easier for your partner
  152. of warts, sores, and testing
  153. taint
  154. Orgasm 8: hour-long
  155. jealousy
  156. making the first move: asking them out
  157. I can't escape Tiger Woods' sex life
  158. what women want (5)
  159. 'I'm silently judging you.'
  160. Orgasm 7: multiples
  161. introducing... the g-spot
  162. on novelty
  163. In praise of men
  164. why it feels like you have to pee during intercourse
  165. penis penis penis, vagina vagina vagina.
  166. porn -- good or bad?
  167. what women want (4)
  168. beauty and The Guardian
  169. Orgasm 6: there can be only one
  170. ode to penises
  171. if only we all had this agony aunt
  172. In which Emily is right about attachment. And the Guardian is wrong. Um, again.
  173. of chocolate cake, fruit salad, and pornography
  174. how did you get started...?
  175. body scaffolding
  176. 'taint what you do, it's the way that you do it...
  177. pain
  178. what women want (3)
  179. Funniest research design EVER.
  180. orgasm 5: your first
  181. anatomy: LABIAL COMMISURE
  182. A mate less ordinary
  183. what are you looking at?
  184. what's wrong with you?
  185. sperm, actually.
  186. scientists can be dumb too.
  187. what women want (2)
  188. irony in bed
  189. orgasm 4: performance anxiety
  190. loving the wrong person... or species.
  191. anatomy: fourchette
  192. How do I make them fall in love with me? (a.k.a., 'Hope is the Bitch')
  193. do you know when you want it?
  194. homage to the clitoris
  195. 'grim, dowdy, aggrieved and passé'
  196. what women want (1)
  197. orgasm 3: vibration
  198. anatomy: philtrum
  199. how sex works
  200. beauty... again.
  201. hair.
  202. breaking up is hard to do
  203. Orgasm 2: faking it
  204. anatomy: purlicue
  205. single on valentine's day
  206. Hey, Beautiful
  207. unshockable
  208. the best valentine's gift
  209. ...notting hill, bridget jones, four weddings.
  210. dating game theory
  211. Orgasm 1
  212. anatomy: ala
  213. How to have a good personality
  214. Love, actually
  215. honor-bound
  216. better than Dr Phil. :-P
  217. sex, taboo, culture, media
  218. sex nerd?


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