anatomy: purlicue

Purlicue. This isn’t quite a body part, it’s more a gap in body parts. It’s the space between your thumb and extended forefinger – it’s the L that indicates your left hand. It can also mean “a curl or flourish in writing.”

This is an absolutely crucial body “part” in the context of hand jobs and fellatio. That space right there? There’s magic there. The curl of your fingers around it, the flourish of your wrist, can turn that empty space into an adytum, the innermost sanctum of worship. Subtle changes in pressure, shape, movement, or lubrication can drastically alter the penis-owner’s experience, giving you unlimited variety and control over your partner’s arousal. Master the artistry of the purlicue, my friend, and you’ve mastered the cock. Purlicue. You’re never gonna forget now, are you? God how I love the English language. 🙂 PS – 5 points, children, if you can remember last week’s word without going back to look!