anatomy: fourchette

Fourchette. As I mentioned in my homage to the clitoris, there is an ill-attended part of the female anatomy known as the fourchette, or the “frenulum of the labia minora.” It’s the delicate fold of skin along the posterior (lower) rim of the vaginal opening.

It’s the female homologue of the male frenulum, and the frenulum may be the single most important part of the penis. It’s the y-shaped junction of the head to the shaft, where the foreskin, if it’s intact, attaches to the shaft. It’s loaded with nerve endings. When men masturbate, it’s quite typical for them to stroke their fingers over the frenulum, while their thumb goes over the bump of the corona (head of the penis). This frenulum-bump combo is super-important.

In women, the fourchette doesn’t get that kind of prominence, but in some women it’s suuuuuuuuper sensitive and way worth the effort of finding.

Pay attention to the fourchette. Use lube when you do, and light touch. Light, light touch.