loving the wrong person... or species.

I just came across this and I had to share it. So, go download this brilliant Radiolab episode and fastforward to minute 52.

There you’ll find the story of a wildlife photographer who fell in love with a leopard seal.

You’ll notice him describing the symptoms of attachment – he can’t wait to see her again in the morning, he thinks about her all the time, he thinks she’s really beautiful… and no wonder. First of all the leopard seal spends days trying to care for him by offering him penguins to eat, showing him how to eat penguins, and even protecting him from other leopard seals. And second, leopard seals have SERIOUSLY neotenous faces; I mean they have all the classic features of infant faces that make us humans crazy about one another – big round forehead, big round eyes, rounded cheeks, small nose, tiny chin… It’s all there:

Attachment behaviors plus attachment cues – and even better, it’s all in the context of a risky situation. Attachment, my friends. It’s fuckin’ everywhere.

If this guy can attach to a leopard seal, it makes it seem less weird that we can attach to inappropriate humans.