Another undervalued body part: the Labial commissure.

The corner of the mouth, where the lips meet. Very, very, very, very sensitive. So sensitive that just your breath can do good things to it. Also sexy because of the position your mouth uses to pronounce it. “Commisure.” Love that.

Be aware that the vulva has two labial commissures, anterior and posterior. The posterior commissure we talked about – 5 points, ladies and gentlemen, if you can remember (without looking) the name of the posterior commissure of the vulva. Hint: it’s the female homologue of the frenulum.

The anterior commissure is the northern-most juncture of the outer labia (the soft, hairy lips), immediately above the clitoris. Heck is it sensitive. Here’s a thing to try:

If it’s your own vulva, use the tips of your fingers, if it’s your partner’s vulva, use the meat of your palm (the heavy muscle below your thumb – technically it’s your “thenar eminence”) to press gently down on the pubic bone, and then tug upward, toward the navel. (Gently now, this is girl parts and you always want to err on the side of delicacy, waiting for her to deliquesce, yield, and open before you aggress. If unsure, use about half the pressure you think might be right.) Tug, hold, and release. Tug, hold, and release. Try an easy side-to-side wiggle. Listen to her breath and watch her abdominal muscles for cues about how this is affecting her.

(Which reminds me: must write post about how men can know how a woman feels.)