if only we all had this agony aunt

It’s a funny old world. Bill sent me a story from the Telegraph about sex among Cambridge University students because we’d been talking about sex surveys on college campuses.

The survey was in fact conducted by the campus tabloid, so while it’s a very entertaining tidbit, how it made its way to the Daily Telegraph, an actual national newspaper, I’m not sure. It’s sort of like seeing a Harvard student comic strip covered in USA Today

However! Finding that article led me to L and L, the Tab’s agony aunt. I think it’s appropriate to countervail today’s 600-word whine about the Guardian’s agony aunt with the above link to the funniest. agony aunt. ever.


I snorted into my Winnie the Pooh mug. Go read.

(Please note: it is not in anything that could be remotely construed as a Science section.)