cross dressing moths

I try not to be an angry ranting blogger, I do. Mostly I like being a helpful educational blogger who tells people how to have better sex, but if I don’t post the angry rants on the blog, then it bleeds out into my real life and I become extremely tedious to my friends, family, and co-workers. They all thank you for your tolerance.

So we have a new example of the ridiculous anthropomorphizing that I called Mistake 4: anthropomorphizing desire. Purportedly “scientists” (insert Dr Horrible-esque figure in evil white lab coat, threateningly large rubber gloves, and ominously opaque goggles here) are “turning moths gay” by spraying them with female pheromones. The males are attracted to the scent and therefore pursue the disguised males, thus decreasing egg fertilization.

(1) “Gay” is a human construct; no other species can be gay; see the careful and intelligent recent NYT Magazine article on the subject.

(2) But it’s even dumber than that. Male moths attracted to female pheromones is not homosexual behavior. Male moths attracted to MALE pheromones is homosexual behavior. If we MUST anthropomorphize, this is like a guy being attracted to a woman, only to find she’s a cross-dressing man, NOT like a guy being attracted to a guy.

That is all. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.