what to give your grad: moregasm

I’ve been a fan of Babeland for quite a lot more than a decade – since they were Toys in Babeland, the super-hot, super-feminist sex toy store in Seattle. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Love. Love. Love. Always have, always will.

So guess what came in the mail yesterday?

Moregasm, Claire and Rachel’s beautiful, joyful book. “Book.” Not just a book! It’s credo, epiphany, and offertory, wrapped up in neon and pastels, and slathered in photos of dildos, vulvas, and naked people!

Every single page made me giggle and bounce like a 5 year old sissy with a brand new pink frilly dress. The language is a delicious heap of creampuffs for your Wernicke’s area. Turn the page and pop another creamy, chocolatey treat into your mouth: babeliness; be-hootered; o-stopper; ass-vantages.

The images too are delicious. Ladies, gents, and everyone in between, in various stages of undress, from fully clothed to (my favorite) nothing but panties round their ankles. By the time I got to p. 54, which is just a picture of a damp showerhead, everything was looking sexy to me. The packet of cookies I was eating while I read looked sexy.

(Lady on the far right of page 13: Good. Holy. God. Woman. Also woman on page 42. And 63! And 70!! And 174!!! Jeepers!!!)

I have some nerd quibbles, of course. Their stuff on the relationship between desire and arousal (p. 47) isn’t quite accurate, but what the hell, I’m one of like 12 people on the planet who know that, so what.

But the info is good, important stuff, going well beyond the basics, very very very smart, and with exactly the attitude one expects from Babeland: hot, feminist, wildly celebratory, and joyously embracing diversity. And god, I’m gonna do a whole post about, “Scars are sexy.”

Needless to say, I think you should all buy it. I think you should also buy copies for every one you know. Shit, when I was in college this would have become my BIBLE. I wish I knew a girl just graduating from high school so I could appall her parents by giving her this as a graduation gift! She might not need the stuff about anal sex, dildoes, role play for a few years, but that’s cool too. She’d grow into it.

Stuff like Moregasm brightens my day not just because it gorgeous, sex positive stuff that makes the world a better place, but also because it reminds me that there’s a whole community of sex positive feminists out there helping to bring confidence and joy to the masses.