asexuality: the making of a movement

Thanks to The Line Campaign for tweeting about Asexuality: the making of a movement a documentary about asexuality currently in production and looking for funds.

Of all the various sexual orientations, I find that asexuality gets the least basic respect. People can believe someone might be gay or lesbian or kinky – they might not like it, but at least they believe it’s true. But I’ve seen otherwise sex-positive folks roll their eyes and just straight up not believe that someone could be uninterested in or actively aversive to sex and still be a normal, healthy, functional, whole human being.

Heck with that, I say. Human sexual experience is PLENTY diverse enough to include folks who just aren’t particularly sexual. There’s even science about it, if you can’t bring yourself simply to believe what an individual reports about their own experience.

Also, I kind of love that the documentary’s donor levels system is based entirely on baked goods. 🙂

So, ya know, if you’ve got a few bucks and think that maybe supporting a sex positive conversation around sexual diversity is worth the cost of a latte or even dinner for two, consider supporting the film.