keep it up

I’m finally beginning to come up for air after the inevitable pummelling that is the first part of the fall semester, which means plowing my way through an embarrassingly large backlog of emails.

Apologies to everyone I have neglected for, um, months.

Anyway, one guy sent me this video, which I just love but it turns out I can’t embed, so I hope you’ll go through to the trouble of actually clicking on that link there.

Or on this one.

Did you click?

Excellent! Then you’ll know that it heaps praise and pours lauds on the gay men out there who don’t have HIV, who do the pain-in-the-ass stuff it takes to prevent getting HIV all while having satisfying sex lives. As anonymous dude who sent it to me says, “it applies to all sexually active folks, not just gay men”

And as Mark says, keep it up. :o)