a little to the left

On a lighter note… an email from someone asked me about the idea that the left side of the clitoris is more sensitive than the right. She said:

There are several groups of people in the SF Bay Area doing a particular kind of clitoral stroking based on the premise that the highest concentration of nerve endings are located on the left side of the clitoris. I’ve yet to find any scientific evidence that this is true.

The left side of the clitoris?

A brief stroll through Google gave me no information at all about where this idea might come from, so though the devil on my shoulder would enjoy a snarky commentary on the theme of lefty loonies, I don’t know enough about it to justify even facetiousness. I’m endeavoring not to allow my desire to be superior and clever outweigh my desire to understand the truth.

So. I don’t know of any science that would give anyone any reason to believe it, and my understanding of the enervation of the glans clitoris is that it’s not bilateral – there’s no reason to expect one side to be different from the other.

All my knowledge would indicate that the only thing you can expect in clitorises is VARIABILITY. Clitorises vary to an extent that penises don’t – in size, sensitivity, preferred stimulation, everything. There are no particular “strokes” that will work universally. The only universal in women’s sexual response is, as I say, individual variability. All women are different and you can only effectively stimulate a woman by learning what SHE likes. Women vary – and a woman varies, too, across her lifespan.

So the science says no, to the best of my knowledge. Maybe I’m missing something. If anybody knows anything about it or knows someone who believes this, if you could send them my way, I’d appreciate an opportunity to know what the heck this could possibly be about.