too rough, too rude, too boist'rous

It’s the kink lecture today.

Students have informed me that they’ve been anticipating it all semester.

Well of course no lecture can stand up too extravagant expectations, but I’ve done my best, including creating a visually interesting PPT presentation.

All semester, I’ve illustrated my lectures with images by Michael Rosen, an erotic art photographer based in San Francisco. Why him? Well there are lots of reasons, but a primary reason has to do with my reason for doing a lecture on kink in the first place. My main purpose in talking about kink is to show the universality of the experience – that despite all the equipment, costumes, scripts, roles, and fluids, there is an essential, universal humanity. Michael, he captures the internal experience of kink, the intimacy between partners, the love.

I also use the lecture to talk about the construction of “normal,” which in turn relates to the medicalization of sexuality. Very academic, heady stuff.

But when you get right down to it the main reason I teach about kink, the main reason I show kinky pictures, is to break down students’ walls. I totally have an agenda; I totally want them to let go of their judgments of other people, relax into an infinitely diverse sexual world, and expand their sexual potential, even just a little bit, because they know that in fact there aren’t any rules about what’s okay and what isn’t, apart from consent.

Yes, an entire lecture whose primary function is to serve as a permission slip, for students to attend their own sexuality.