top hat question #2: clitoral first aid

Out of the top hat:

If you accidentally cut your clit, how long does it take to heal? Do you have to do anything to treat it?

I have two responses to this:

(1) The “Holy Shit!” Response: Women’s genitals are HIGHLY VASCULAR and HIGHLY ENERVATED, so if you cut your clit it would bleed a lot and hurt like a sunnuvabitch. If you cut your clit (or anywhere on your genitals) and the bleeding doesn’t stop VERY soon (30 minutes), seek medical attention. Remember the woman from “Orgasm Inc” who had a clitoral hood reduction and broke a stitch and almost bled to death? Seek medical attention.

(2) The “Parts is Parts” Response: Imagine this question was, “If you accidentally cut your lip/tongue/elbow/ball of your foot/whatever…” how would that change the question and its answer? When skin gets cut, what do you do? Put pressure on it to stop the bleeding, clean it, then cover it with antibiotic ointment and a bandage. Wounds on more sensitive areas take longer to heal, older people take longer to heal, deeper wounds take longer to heal.

Holy jesus, I hope this person is okay. Let’s hope it’s just a minor incident with a razor. There’s a reason to wax rather than shave.