what I see in the window

So here’s a photo of a skirt hanging in a window at a local shop:

What do you see?

A big lovely flower?

Because what I see is SEX.

I see a giant, springing, spreading load of sex organs on generous display, advertising their availability, ripe, ready.

I see sex spread wide and colorful, so that it directly overlaps the wearer’s genitals. I mean I’m surprised parents don’t feel the need to cover their children’s eyes when they walk past. It might as well be a giant drawing of a wet vulva or a throbbingly erect penis. I mean, I could NEVER wear that skirt, NEVER. Compared to that flower, I’m a downright prude.

And I can’t NOT see sex. I walk past this skirt every single day, and every single day I think to myself, “I bet a mom would be okay with her 14 year old daughter wearing that, just because it’s not a picture of ANIMAL sex organs.” And I shake my head in bemusement.

Sex. Nerd. Did I mention?