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Anonymous posted this in the comments:

Everyone is going to hate me for this…but it is WRONG to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex. Says so in the Bible. ANYWAY….

To which I responded:

Oh no no, dear heart, we won’t hate you. Someone as ignorant and stupid as you isn’t worth the energy it takes to hate. We’ll just laugh at you.

It’s kind of of nice actually – we spend a lot of time nitpicking about genderqueerness and the heteronormativity of biological science and other complicated, subtle things; but here’s some nice straightforward homophobia to bond us all together in hilarity. Thanks for that.

Is it wicked of me to post this purely because I want to mock and ridicule this kind of moronic tripe? Do I really have a right, as a blogger, to make fun of commenters who are just expressing their opinions, however stupid? Am I a morally inferior person for delighting in pointing to how totally dumb and ridiculous this person is?

For all I know it’s written by a 15 year old girl raised by abusive evangelical parents who have brainwashed her, in which case maybe it’s cruel and wicked of me to point and laugh.

No doubt I’m spoiled. The quality of the comments on the blog is astonishingly high, so this kind of dumbass bullshit is startling in its rarity. Therefore let us give thanks to the ridiculous dopes out there, who remind us to be grateful for the thoughtful, articulate, fair-minded comments around here.