dancers make good television

It’s the summer, so you know what that means:

So You Think You Can Dance.

You know why it’s so entertaining? It’s because dancers make great tv. And why do dancers make good tv? Because dancers live with their whole bodies, A dancer’s entire personhood is there, in front of you, to witness and share, all the time, in every gesture and glance and breath. The best dancers are not just dancing when they’re dancing, they dance with every heartbeat. They’re dancing when they stand still.

The dancers remind us: we’re made of meat and water and electricity. The pulses of electricity that make up thought and feeling shape the movement of the muscles and bone. Watch the dancers celebrate when they get through to Vegas – no one celebrates like a dancer – and imagine having a sexual experience (hell, ANY experience) as ebullient, as present, as fully lived as that. They jump up and down, they fall on the floor, they wiggle and bounce and run and shriek.

They live inside their bodies in a way that many of us have forgotten. We all had it when we were infants, born into a body that stretched and pushed, grew stronger and more agile… and then gradually we lost touch with our organic selves and started to spend all our time living in our heads.

Look, this is Melanie Moore:

Watch her when she’s done dancing, watch her listen to her critique. It’s all on the surface, her entire self, she fills up her body with her life, it bubbles up out of her. If you brought HALF that awareness of the present, half that joy, half that connection between body and experience, your sex life would be 10 times better than it is now, no matter how good it already is.

I talk about confidence and joy to make sex better, but dancers show you how. Watch SYTYCD. Watch dancers, not just when they’re dancing choreography but when they’re dancing their lives; let them remind you what it’s like to live inside your body.

And then live more in your body. ‘Kay?

PS: One more example. Watch Jeffery and all his friends at the end: