the recession

This from Gawker, on the successful sales of sex toys in the face of major economic bad juju.

(1) I can’t get enough of that photo.

(2) I don’t quite buy the gas-and-gaiters story that people are using their unemployment, underwater mortgage, or lack of health care as an opportunity to explore sexually. That’s not how humans work, most of the time.

Most of the time, stress slams on the brakes and people lose interest in sex.

How, then, would I explain a boom in vibrator sales?

Well, it’s a common problem I run into that people believe a lack of desire is a lack of STIMULATION. They are searching for just the right thing to turn them on, when what they need is not more stimulation of their sexual gas pedal but LESS stimulation of their sexual brakes. Less stress, less worry and anxiety, less depressed mood, less shit to get in the way of the pleasure.

In which case, the vibrator probably won’t give you what you need.

This is a short post, but it’s an important point: when your sexual interest goes away, look first for what you can get RID of before looking for what you can add. Get rid of stress, worry, exhaustion, and grief. Once you’ve done that, then a vibrator is more likely to brighten your sex life.

(NOTE: to 10-20% of people, this will make no sense, because they use sex as a strategy to cope with negative affect. Those people can ignore this, except as it might apply to their partner(s).)