the fornix

I started about 5 posts about social issues or relationship dynamics or whatever, before I finally gave up and realized that what I want to write about today is the fornix of the vagina. Good old sexual anatomy.

The fornix (Latin for “arch”) is a neglected aspect of female sexual anatomy that deserve a bit of a spotlight. Actually you have two of them, anterior and posterior. So, your vagina is this potential space, these folds of tissue that form a channel up to the uterus, which is planted at the top like the cork in a wine bottle. Only it’s an organic wine bottle. When you’re highly aroused, your vagina, in addition to lubricating and lengthening, “tents” around the uterus, creating space both in front of and behind the uterus.

If you’re in missionary position, your partner can actually penetrate up, deeper, into the anterior fornix. From behind, at the appropriate angle, they can penetrate into the posterior fornix. The two experiences may feel totally different.

Not all women like it – for some women, it may actually hurt, and for others it doesn’t feel much different from any other vaginal penetration. And let’s take a moment to remember that the majority of women are not reliably orgasmic from penetration, so if you want to create orgasm, add clitoral stimulation and leave fornix stimulation for added bonus pleasure, not necessarily for orgasm.

Also, bear in mind that it’s a space to explore primarily when she is ALREADY quite aroused, not as foreplay or early on in stimulation.

Here’s an anatomical drawing:

vaginal fornix

And here’s as close to a photo of it as I could find: