ebooks of compiled posts

Hey there folks, based on people’s feedback, I’ve compiled the 10-part Orgasm series, everything from your first orgasm to simultaneous and extended orgasms.

It’s not new content, it’s just the blog content organized for you and put into ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats. Handy, right? The romantic euphamism did all the technical part, so thank him for it.

It’s free, creative commons license, so download away and distribute to your friends, lovers, siblings, parents, enemies, whatever. I just want people to be able to access the information.

You’ll find them on the downloads page.

With it, you’ll see a Paypal link. Dig this: I’ve decided to take blogging a bit more seriously. Mostly until now it’s been for my own entertainment, but I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how it helps people, and I feel like it’s a good thing to do. So I’m going to buy a domain and set things up a bit more formally, which takes a little money. If you have a few spare bucks and the blog has been useful for you, feel free to help out. If the blog has been useful but you really kinda don’t have a few spare bucks, seriously don’t worry about it.

So that’s the news.