k-y lesbians

I was dogsitting for my sister and therefore had access to television, and I saw this:

And I would just like to say:


Okay, so it’s two thin white women. So it’s poorly written. (“People always ask us how we’ve stayed together so long…” “KY Intense!” but she just bought it and they’ve never used it, so how is it why they’ve stayed together so long?) So what?? It’s a tv commercial about lesbians improving their sex lives, that treats them like normal people.

From a cynical point of view, it values the buying power of same-sex couples over any moral outrage experienced by people who weren’t customers for KY anyway. And there are lots of ways that I’m interested in problemetizing the entire concept of mainstreaming. But still. They’re just like regular people.

Seriously. We have made progress.

Can I get a slow clap for this one little burst of same-sex couples being presented as ordinary in mainstream media?