PBS – I’m the kind of nerd who follows PBS on Facebook – is having this online film festival, an the theme right now is “Girl Power.” Watch this here – it’s 12 minutes of your life you’ll have spent well:

It could be that I like this short film as much as I do because I’m a sciencey person in love with an artist.

It could be that it crystalizes in the form of a relationship the conflict between two conceptions of beauty: Plato’s Forms of the Good, the perfect conformation, versus wabi sabi, jolie laid, the beauty of a thing lying in its variation, its uniqueness.

It could be that it asks us to think critically about our own double standards, our (perhaps unspoken) judgment of people who “feel the need to conform” rubbing against our internal monologue of self-criticism and self-doubt.

Or it could be just that I think it’s got pretty pictures and nice music.

Whatever. Just watch it.