at long last: the origin of 'honeymoon'

A coupla years ago, I was chatting with a friend about the origin of the term “honeymoon;” I think he said something about it come from mead, and then there was a hypothesis about it lasting two weeks, which is the waxing or waning cycle of the moon…. I asked the internet about it, and it couldn’t tell me. (Internet! How you have failed me!)

But now I’ve learned, from the inimitable Neil deGrasse Tyson! He says:

The honey moon, that’s the [full] moon that’s in June, because that moon actually never gets very high in the sky and it’s amber in color the entire time; it takes on the color of honey. And it’s called the honeymoon and you get married in June – that’s where we got the name “honeymoon.”

So now we know!

Thanks, man!