Gaah! One condom at a time!!



I’m reading this silly romance novel and OHMYGODYOUGUYS, the heroine, who is portrayed as an uptight control freak who learns from the hero to loosen up etc (complete with hair going from tight bun to unruly curls), INSISTS THAT THE HERO WEAR 2 CONDOMS!!!


You must all know this and tell everyone you know:

Two condoms is WORSE than one!

Latex rubbing against latex = LIKE WOAH FRICTION and results in HIGHER rates of breakage.

I love seeing a heroine practicing safer sex and communicating clearly about her needs and desires, but OHMYGODYOUGUYS!!! What if there are 13 year olds reading this book and learning that two condoms is what the careful girls do??

One condom at a time, my friends!