sex tips

Hey, I wanted to make sure people noticed this little project I’ve been working on – the 101 sex nerd sex tips. See that link up there that says, “sex nerd sex tips”? That’s it. Mouse over that and you’ll see a numbered list of them.

Even on days when I don’t write a blog post (the end of the semester is a sporadic time for blogging!), there’s often a new sex tip. They’re “pages,” not “posts,” so they don’t show up in the RSS feed – sorry – so you gotta actually look at the webpage to see them.

They’re highly varied, from nerdy stuff about the central and peripheral nervous systems to sexy stuff about things you might have thought wouldn’t be okay or pleasurable but TOTALLY can be okay and pleasurable.

It’s all in the name of breaking down the cultural standards of what’s “normal” or “acceptable” in sex between consenting adults.