this year's relationship talk video

Hey folks, one of the things I’ve been doing lately while I haven’t been posting to the blog is writing my annual relationship talk. Last year’s was about how the dynamics we learn in our family of origin may or may not facilitate healthy relationships in adulthood.

This year is That’s Not Delicious: the science of trust and betrayal. I begin with a quick overview of “The Trust Game” in game theory, followed by thoughts on individual differences in trust and trustworthiness, and then some strategies for responding when trust is betrayed. That link is an 80 minute video of the talk.

Note: the camera falls on the floor around minute 8 and the sound quality sorta goes away, but it gets fixed.

PS – the talk is named after a webcomic – that’s not delicious – which is created by a student I work with. Totally worth checking out if you’re into that kind of thing.

PPS – there’s a part when I’m talking about revenge and I keep talking about goats. That’s a refernece to Dan Ariely and his work in behavioral economics.