early readers sought

Hey kids!

I’ve completed an initial draft of the book (titled, I think, “The Dirty Normal Handbook: 5 (dirty, little) secrets from the science of women’s sexuality”), and I’d like regular blog readers to have a look and give me feedback, if you’re interested and have time and things.

It’s quite short, for a book – 30k words – as it’s intended to be very practical and not a deep scientific tome, so hopefully reading it won’t be a burden (though, holy crap, if you start and you’re like, “This is a burden,” PLEASE TELL ME THAT OH MY GOD!) It’s also about 20% blog posts, so some of it might be familiar to you. A great deal of it is brand new, though.

I’ve posted the files on dropbox, where they’ll be available throughout the weekend. Here is the handbook (PDF) and here are the worksheets (also PDF).

I’m interested to know if it’s understandable, interesting, and/or helpful. I particularly wonder if doing the worksheets genuinely as the intended effects.

You can post comments here or email me (enagoski at gmail).

Much gratitude to anyone who’s interested enough to download and read!