emily to go!

I’ve decided it’s time and I’m ready! Having had a pretty mindblowing success presenting my 5 “dirty, little secrets” at a conference, which led to some folks inviting me to their campuses, I’m remembering how much I *love* speaking to groups. So I’m taking my show on the road!

I’ve done a lot of it in the past – I’ve presented about fellatio in the upstairs rooms of bars; I’ve talked about sex science for sex toy retailers; I’ve lectured several hundred college students at a time about the effects of booze on your sexual functioniong (“Love, Lust, and Liquor”); I’ve talked at churches (uh, Unitarian churches) about sex, science, and spiritual connection. And of course every year on my own campus I do a relationship talk (and this one) and relationships aren’t even my PRIMARY area of expertise.

(My PRIMARY area of expertise, in case you’re wondering, is women’s sexuality.)

I’ve also seen a lot of other sex educators speak – everyone from philosophers in the academic world to “edutainment” types who put on a good show but know only slightly more about sex than folks in the audience. Look, I’m really not into bragging, but I’m head and shoulders better than anyone I’ve ever seen or heard. This is my one true skill in life: talking about sex until people’s ears start bleeding and they make me go home. I am AWESOME and INSPIRING, and I will not leave the room until I know *everyone* has learned something new and important.

Live in front of a group is where I am at my best, as a sex educator. I love it. I LOVE talking to groups about sex and love. Because I love it, I will go anywhere, and I will be a bargain and a half. I will also actually post fees, because dude, don’t you hate it when people make you email them to find out how unaffordable they are? Me too. (PS – I am not unaffordable.)

Pretty soon, I’ll put up a list of talks I’ve done in the past, so you can get a sense of what the range of options are.

So! If you know anyone with a group that would like some brain-meltingly good sex education, could you send them my way?