100 days with Hanne

Hanne Blank, whose several books, both fiction and non, are nourishing to read, is doing a thing, where for 100 days, between Feb 1 and May 11 this year, she’ll try “easing into a new body practice by choosing to try the experiment of doing it for a chunk of time that is short enough to be doable and imaginable, but long enough to let you actually sink into what you’re doing and start to feel comfortable with it.”

100 days, in this case.

She offers four rules:

1) Before February 1, decide on a new body practice you’d like to experiment with. It can be vague and open-ended, like:

“I will move my body in some way I find pleasant for half an hour.”

or it can be very specific, like

“I will swim 25 laps of backstroke.”

“I will tapdance for twenty minutes to the music of Philip Glass.”

Note that this is about something you’ll actually be doing, not about outcomes. We don’t care about no stinkin’ outcomes right now (see Rule #4).

2) Write it down! You can write it down in a comment here, or send it to me in email at hanne at hanneblank dot com if you like, or just write it down privately. Writing it down helps give it some weight and intention.

3) Starting Friday, February 1, commit to doing your new body practice at least every other day until May 11. You can do it more often than this if you want to, but not less. The rule is that if you didn’t do it yesterday, you do it today. (Unless you are too sick or injured. That’d just be silly.)

4) Let this be just about doing the thing that you’re choosing to do, and not about “results.” This is an experiment! This is to find out what it feels like, what the experience is like, of doing a particular thing with your body on a regular basis for 100 days. That’s all it is. Your “result” is going to be that you get to the end of 100 days having done something particular with your body at least every other day for the preceding hundred days.

I may or may not do it – I teach in the spring semester and also it’s fucking January and therefore I hate everything and only want to try new things that involve talking baths and drinking wine. Still, I’ve got a couple weeks to decide. My first instinct is to say, “Running,” which I’ve stopped doing because it’s fucking January, even though actually I would probably hate everything less if I could bring myself to keep running.

But it’s an idea that resonates with ALL the wellness stuff I teach, not just the sexuality stuff, because it’s about process, not outcome. It’s what you do day to day, how you manage life as an organic critter, that determines how healthy and happy you are, not the specific measurements, tallies, or checklists.

You should go comment on her blog if you want to try it.