180 Heroines

And in other entertainment news this week…

Writing makes me a better teacher. Y’all’s immediate feedback in the comments, the extent to which a post is shared, and the intensity of people’s feelings all tell me whether or not I’m hitting my target of EFFECTIVE EDUCATION. Lately, I’ve been learning more and more about the nature of the way people’s attention and memory are engaged. It turns out most people learn and are persuaded through storytelling and metaphor. See Jonathan Haidt’s popular books and also Joseph Romm’s excellent “Language Intelligence” for more info on that. (Thanks for that recommendation!)

So I had an insane idea that I’m not really going to do, but I’m going to START it, because what the hell.

I made a spreadsheet listing proportionate representations (relative to the population of the United States) of women by arousal style (concordant, non-concordant, or mixed), desire style (spontaneous, responsive, or mixed), orgasm style (rapid, slower, penetrative or not, or mixed, 6 different styles), age, marital status, trauma survivorship, and sexual identity.

There are 180 different women, all potential heroines.

Obviously I’m not going to WRITE 180 heroines, but it’s handy, at least, to be able to think about heroines in terms of the varieties of their sexual response styles – and of course it’s only their sexual response styles in the moment of the story; these things may change over a woman’s lifespan.

The story I wrote over winter break was declined politely, so, in response to your request, I’ll post it online for ya’ll. What I’m gonna do is post it in 500-1000 word increments, so that I can kind of fiddle and fuss with it for a while before you get to the end. There are some changes I want to make, particularly in the third and fourth acts. It’s here. I started a few days ago.

Fran, the heroine, is high SES, moderate SIS, unreliably orgasm from unassisted penetration, is (as far as the story is concerned) straight and has no history of trauma. In other words, she’s a nearly “ideal” erotic heroine.

A more challenging heroine would be a lower SES, higher SES woman with a trauma history. That character would be great for a “sexual journey” type story. Hm. Now there’s an idea.

Anyway, if you’re interested in my fiction, there it is. You won’t find anything if you search for my pen name; up until this winter, it had been YEARS since I even tried to publish anything and it’s all out of print not. Actually, after I post this whole story, I’ll do the same thing with a story that WAS published several years ago. The rights have since reverted to me, so I might as well give it to ya’ll. As you’ll see, I’m not a spectacular writer, but I’ve read much worse prose in published books, so I feel okay about letting people read it.