emily's new drug: Quora

Oh god you guys. The romantic euphemism introduced me to Quora, where people ask questions that anyone can answer. Sex questions are LIKE CRACK TO ME I CAN’T STOP ANSWERING THEM OH GOD I HAVE TO GO TO BED EVENTUALLY I CAN’T STOP AAAUUUGH!

Like this one: Quote of Emily Nagoski’s answer to Dating and Relationships: How can I be more attracted to my husband?

Or this one: Quote of Emily Nagoski’s answer to Female Masturbation: Does callused hands cause increased stimulation of the clitoris and digital penetration of the vagina or more pain in most women?

It’s basically a forum where the whole point is to tell people stuff you want everyone in the world to know.

It’s a DRUG. Knowing the answer to someone’s question about sex might be the most pleasurable thing, other than actual sex, I know of. And the more I try to answer them, the better I get at writing answers that people actually like.

I’m sure this knowing-the-answer phenomenon can’t be specific to me and my profession. Surely EVERYONE enjoys knowing the answer, right?

But… at what point does knowledge sharing transition from the virtue of helping out people by providing information they desire into just being an insufferable know-it-all? Asking for a friend.