toy review: Lelo Lily

Why on earth would anyone shell out $130 for a vibrator? When that vibrator is the Lelo Lily.

(GV has it. Babeland doesn’t.)

Here’s what she looks like:

It’s spendy and that’s a fact. If you’re going to spend any kind of money on a vibrator, it should be:

* Nearly silent
* Have infinitely variable intensity
* Have a “lock” setting
* Feel beautiful in your hand
* Not require batteries (preferably rechargeable rather than corded)

The Lily is all these things. Really. I turned it on full, dropped it on the bed, and went outside my bedroom, and I couldn’t hear it. It’s gotten slightly louder over the years, but it’s still the quietest vibe I’ve ever owned.

What’s great about the shape is that you can concentration stimulation into a tiny area by just using the very tip of the toy, or you can get more diffuse sensation by using an edge or the whole flat of the toy. That means that both those who prefer DIRECT clitoral stimulation and those who prefer INDIRECT clitoral stimulation can use this in a way that works for them.

If you love the shape and power of the Lily but prefer a hard plastic finish to the soft finish of the Lily, go for the Nea. It’s not quite so quiet as the Lily, but it’s easier to clean and it’s a mere $90.

The Lily is good for:

It is NOT good for folks who are looking for VERY intense clitoral stimulation – as far as I’m aware the Hitachi Magic Wand is still the gold standard for INTENSE clitorial stimulation. You just don’t find super-high intensity in battery or rechargeable vibes.