how is sex like a birthday cake?

I’m trying out this metaphor. Tell me what you think:

Imagine for a moment that this is a blog about birthday cakes. What would you expect to find here?

Recipes for fabulous cakes you can bake for your loved ones, maybe.

Or pictures of exceptionally beautiful birthday cakes.

How about cultural history of the birthday cake, and its role in shaping modern society?

Maybe posts about the chemistry of cake, with detailed facts about leavening and frosting and how they impact the quality of a cake.

Or the nutritional content of cake, and ways to make cakes healthier.

It could be about non-traditional cake options for those with special dietary needs – vegan cakes, gluten-free cakes, sugar-free cakes, or cakes for people who don’t like cake.

It might be about the environmental and political impact of the ingredients in cake – the treatment of chickens and their eggs in the food industrial complex, wheat subsidies, sugar and its myriad health, cultural, and political complexities.

Maybe a blog about birthday cake is a memoir of birthdays, cakes, feelings about cake, and how friends and cake go together.

A blog about birthday cakes might be anything.

And so might a blog about sex.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many books and blogs and thing about sex, it’s not just that people love to read about sex, it’s that there are so many different ways to think about, write about, and experience sex. There are books of tips and tricks to try in bed; picture books of exceptionally sexy people; cultural histories examining the role of sex in society; books on the chemistry and biology of sex; sex guides for folks with special needs, for folks who don’t like sex, for folks who’ve had bad experiences with sex in the past; books about the environmental and political impact of sex; memoirs of sex; books on the evolution of sex; and so many others, written by therapists, researchers, educators, journalists, and curious people.

So what kind of sex blog is this?

If it were a blog about birthday cake, I’d say it’s about how the chemistry of cake and the nature of the birthday party impact how the birthday girl experiences her cake.

Because it’s a blog about sex, I’ll say it’s about how the anatomy and physiology of sex interacts with the cultural environment to give rise to a woman’s sexual experience in the world.