arousal is like gravy: it doesn't just come when you cook the meat

I keep getting this scene stuck in my head:

Oscar Madison: Can’t you keep it warm?

Felix Ungar: Who the hell do you think I am, the Magic Chef? I’m lucky

I got it to come out at eight o’clock. Wh-wh-what am I gonna do?

Oscar Madison: I dunno, keep pouring gravy on it.

Felix Ungar: Gravy? What gravy?

Oscar Madison: Don’t you have any gravy?

Felix Ungar: Where the hell am I gonna get gravy at eight o’clock?

Oscar Madison: I dunno, I though it comes when you cook the meat.

Felix Ungar: [under his breath] Comes when you cook the meat.

[stares at him for a moment]

Felix Ungar: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Oscar. You just don’t know, because you have to MAKE gravy, it doesn’t come!