toy review: the easy glider

Today friends, let us discuss The Easy Glider waterproof vibe.

Because vibrators, am I right?

(Mine is green. I guess they don’t have green anymore. I got mine in like 2004. It still works.)

It looks like a penis – only hard plastic, translucent, and with a more elaborate glans than you’ll find on a human penis, which makes it better than many penises (but not all) I have known. It is also narrower than the average penis.

Good things:

Not-so-good things:

Who it’s good for: well, folks who enjoy vaginal penetration in the shower or bath, to begin with. And for folks who like relatively diffuse clitoral stimulation… in the shower or bath. It’s pretty darn intense for under $20, and did I mention quiet?

It’s better for the clitoral majority than most shaft-shaped vibrators, because the motor is mounted high in the shaft (you can see it! I love that!), which means you can put the motor right over the clitoris if you like. The placement of the motor is really a key feature.

For anyone who finds it not easy to reach your vulva (I’m thinking of folks with limited mobility and also some people of size), this adds an extra 5 inches to your reach, and still allows you to apply pressure! Corded bullet vibes can add more reach, but generally you just have to let the bullet sit on your clit without touching it – ditto expensive remote control vibes.

Who it’s not good for: though you CAN use it for clitoral stuff, those who enjoy INTENSE clitoral stimulation may prefer something like a bullet vibe or a vulva-shaped vibe. They can provide more direct, more focused, more intense stimulation.

It’s also not good for putting in your butt. It can be used OUTSIDE your butt – diffuse vibration on the anus can be lots of fun, and the shape this can add bonus fun to that, but not IN the butt.

In summary: an affordable, quiet, sturdy vibe that will do great for most folks, though perhaps not folks who prefer very intense, focused stimulation. But for $20, really, how wrong can you go? (Also, don’t forget, waterproof!)