genital arts-and-crafts project for the weekend!

When a former student came for a visit a few weekends ago, we got some clay and made external genital homologues! It’s a fun little project you can try at home.

You begin with a list of homologues and match up colors of parts, and then you craft each part.

Here’s the penis before it’s outer foreskin wrapping:

The complete outer genital homologue list:

Labia = scrotum
Inner labia = inner foreskin
Clitoral hood = outer foreskin
Fourchette = Frenulum
Glans = glans
bulbs of the vestible = corpus spongeosum
Crura = corpora cavernosa

Here is the final product:

Both pretty and educational, with, if I may be fanciful for a moment, the rainbow of colors reinforcing the idea that we’re all made of the same parts, just oranized in different ways. If we had had more modeling stuff available, we would have also tried creating some intersex genitals, too – because they too are all the same stuff, just organized in different ways.