evidence-based erotica

So I’ve been working like billy-o to prepare my talk for the Feminist Porn Conference this weekend, which has involved watching numbing amounts of feminist porn.

After the conference, I’ll post my whole talk, but in the meantime I thought I’d put in a good word for blue artichoke films, whose short film “Matinee” was the most representative of all the videos I watched, in terms of what the science says is typical of one variety (not all the varieties – women vary a lot from each other, and a story can only, I’ve discovered, represent ONE variety at a time) of real world women’s fantasies and sexual response.

What makes it so real? Tension between excitation and inhibition (in this case, inhibition refers to both shyness AND central neurological inhibition), highly contexty, plenty o’ clit-centric stimulation. Basically, it’s whole-brain sex, not just sexual brain sex. Which is how it seems to work for many (not all) women.

Obviously there’s a lot of personal taste involved in whether or not you ENJOY any particular sexually explicit media, but whether or not you enjoy the film, this is a quite a good example of how both women’s sexual fantasies and women’s sexual physiology seem to work a lot of the time, as far as the science knows so far.