the bees are fine

At the Origins Stories Weekend at ASU, Bill Nye told this story from when he was a paperboy:

“In the Washington Post on Sundays there’d be Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” […] and it would say from time to time – they would run this story, roughly “According to aerodynamic theory, bumblebees cannot fly!” And this made quite an impression on me. And I spent some time watching bumblebees, and it became clear to me that the bees are fine. The problem is with the theory.

I’ve spent a giant chunk of today workin’ on the book, trying to find clear ways to talk about how people THINK women’s sexuality works, contrasted with how science has increasingly over the last two decades shown how women’s sexuality actually DOES work.

All the ways in which the cultural theory of women’s sexuality has fallen short, man. What orgasm is like, how desire works, the appearance and behavior of genitals, how to tell “what a woman really wants,” all of these things endless speculated about, moralized over, rubbed raw with worry and fretting.

The women are fine. The problem is with the theory.

But women, unlike bees, can listen to all the theories that tell them they can’t fly, and what happens then? All of a sudden, it’s true. They can’t fly.

The problem is still with the theory.

The book, such as it is, is about the ways that women are fine.

Okay that’s all.