and then a book deal happened...

Back in December, you may recall, I wrote a first draft of a book. Half a draft, really.

And then I converted that into a book proposal, which I sent out, and within about 10 days somehow I got this extraordinarily patient, thorough, and attentive literary agent, who helped me make the proposal (and consequently the book) about 10 times better than it was, and then she sent it out to some editors.

And then I talked to a bunch of them and they were smart and nice and inspiring.

And then there was this little money war, which was fun.

And now I have a publisher!

And a deadline.

So if I write blog posts less frequently for the next, oh, six to nine months, it’s because I’m writing a motherfucking book, motherfucker.

I would not be able to write a book if it weren’t for y’all, who’ve been telling me what I was doing poorly or well for the last four years. Seriously. Thanks, everybody.

Here is how it would look on Publisher’s Marketplace, if I were writing up the deal:

“Emily Nagoski, PhD’s THE DIRTY NORMAL, a sciencey, feministy, selfy-helpy sex book about science, feminism, and having more and better sex because: science, to Big Deal Editor at Corporate Monster Publisher, by Wicked Smaht Agent at Awesomesauce Literary Agency.