how to deal with heartbreak: difficult feelings are like a tunnel...

Feelings, y’all.

I’ve been receiving many questions about The Feels lately.

The thing about difficult feelings is that they end, as long as you allow your body to complete the cycle. It means not needing to feel “in control” of your body, because you can relax into your body, you can trust it to do what it needs to do, without you needing to direct it.

I say this over and over again, it so important and so hard to remember when you’re deep in the middle of it, and so I was like, “What can I give people that they can hold on to, so it’ll stay with them?

So here: I made it into a picture, so you can keep it in front of you when you need it, or offer it to someone else who needs it:


(image adapted from

  Healing hurts. If you break your leg, there is no time between when you break it and when it heals that it feels better than it did before you broke it. Healing hurts. Allow the pain to move through you.

It’s the only choice, really. If you don’t let it move through you, it will simply stay there inside you, waiting until you allow it out.

Keep stepping forward, just one step. Then one more. The cycle is built in, all you have to do it allow it to complete. Trust your body, it knows what to do.