Doctor Emily's Sexcellent Vacation: a 24hr Sex Q&A Sextravaganza!

Dearest readers, will you help me plan the sex nerd equivalent of a day at the spa?

You see… I AM ON VACATION!! And I am determined to do something fun, even though I can’t go anywhere for various reasons. So I was sitting around with the romantic euphemism going, “What do I actually ENJOY doing?” (It’s hard to remember because for more than a year I’ve been working full time and writing a book.)

And you know what I realized is, like, the most fun thing I can do?

Answer sex questions.

Any questions.

That’s either sad or AMAZING.

Me, I’m going with AMAZING.

So! On July 11, the last full day of vacation, I’m going to answer 24 questions in 24 hours.

I’m calling it DOCTOR EMILY’S SEXCELLENT VACATION, and the romantic euphemism made me a logo and everything:

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I got the idea from 24 hour comics, which is the same thing only comics instead of sex questions.

Might you be interested in helping me?

You can, by sending me an anonymous question! Give me your name and email if you like, but I won’t post ANY identifying info anywhere.

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You may already have a question in mind – or you can search for inspiration with some of the questions I’ve answered previously, like:


And on Friday July 11, beginning at 8am, I’ll answer 24 questions in 24 hours.

I am frickin’ STOKED about this. Please help me spread the word!