An awesome question: how does birth control affect sexual interest?

Here’s an awesome question:

How does birth control affect libido? Can it affect how strongly one feels sexual stimulation, or prevent orgasm? Is there any way to counteract these effects?

  About a third of women experience a decrease in sexual interest when they’re on the birth control Pill, and about a fifth of women experience an increase in their interest in sex. The remaining half of women experience no change (Sanders et al., “A Prospective Study;” see also Burrows, et al (PDF)).

If your interest in sex goes down when you start on hormonal contraception and you’d like it to go back up again, the solution is simple: switch to a different pill, or try the ring, IUD, implant, or any other hormonal birth control method. Every woman’s body responds differently to different hormone combinations, and there are so many choices for highly effective contraception that there is bound to be one that fits your particular body chemistry!