is it safe to put hot sauce/lime juice on the clit/vagina?


Anything that’s safe to put in your mouth is probably “safe” to put on your genitals. If it feels uncomfortable you can wash it off with soap and water and suffer no more than discomfort.

But fun?

Well, just as people vary in how spicy they like their food, people vary in how much enjoy enjoy tingly/burny/cool sensations on their genitals. And yet my first response to the idea of putting hot sauce or anything remotely similar is “HOLY GOD NO. JUST NO.”

I mean, if it’s your own vulva/clit/vagina and you want to experiment… sure. Have soap and warm water standing by, to wash it off if it doesn’t feel good. But basically no. Don’t do that. Your genitals are probably more sensitive than your mouth. So just… I mean, it’s your body, do as you like with it… but… oy.

I will explain a little:

Menthol, a common active ingredient in those “sensation enhancing” lubes, activate the thermoreceptors in your skin so that it feels hot… or maybe cold… or tingly? You definitely feel something. Which draws your attention to your genitals. Which, in the right, sex positive context, can feel sexy.

Capsaicisn, a common ingredient in hot sauce, does much the same thing.

But remember your perception of sensation is context-dependent. Sometimes (like, when you’re feeling flirty) tickling can be fun, sometimes (like, when you’re feeling pissed off) it makes you want to punch people in the face. Sometimes 72 degrees farenheit feels comfortably cool (like when you’re coming in from a 95 degree day, and sometimes it feels comfortably warm (like when you’re coming in from a 35 degree day).

Ditto genital tingling. It will feel nice in the right context…

But, like with tickling and spicy food, some people will just never like it. So experiment conservatively, and ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION FIRST before applying anything to anyone else’s genitals. And have soap and warm water at the ready, to wash off anything that doesn’t feel awesome.

Why not use benign things? You you want to use food, rub a peeled, underripe banana on your clit. Not things that burn. Be nice to your pussy and she’ll be nice to you.