An awesome question: My vagina eats condoms. What do I do? (UPDATE)

Here’s an awesome question:

The problem is that my vagina, as my partner says, “eats condoms.” I have in fact had to take Plan B because of slippage/condom suck-offage. This is particularly a problem when I orgasm (which I do, from penetration, frequently). We often end up having sex with frequent breaks to check whether everything is still firmly where it’s meant to be and/or I have to hold off from orgasms except when one of us is firmly holding the condom on. (I consider this a less-than-ideal solution, incidentally.) I recently went off the pill as it was causing a lot of fatigue and killing my libido (not the kind of baby-prevention I was looking for) so condoms are once again going to be necessary. I don’t think it’s a condom fit issue as we use the brand my partner has always used with no issues before now. (I had this issue with a previous partner as well, although before that I didn’t orgasm from intercourse and it wasn’t a problem).


Everything in me wants to say, “This is a fit issue,” but I totally hear that your partner used them with others with no problem, and you had the problem with other condoms with another partner so that really probably isn’t it.

But boy does this sound like a fit issue.

So a side note to everyone else who might experience a similar issue: check and see if it’s a fit issue.

Jesus I have no idea. Too much lube? Ugh, I hate saying that! Too little lube and you increase risk of condom breakage!

I really have no idea. So I have two suggestions:

(1) I’m putting out a call to all the sex educators (and everyone, really!) who might have thoughts about this; and

(2) Try a different hormonal contraceptive method. There are so many to choose from, and every woman’s body responds differently to different hormone combinations. Consider a different dosage of the pill, or try the ring or Implanon or an IUD. The more you try that don’t work, the more information you have about which one will be right for you. It’s a hassle to narrow it down, but once you find the right one, you can keep using it for YEARS.

Thoughts, everyone? Suggestions?


UPDATE: Holy crap you guys, how did I not think of INTERNAL CONDOMS? What great comments. Yes. Internal (“female”) condoms would be a spectacular solution, or maybe a cock ring to hold the condoms on, if you’re definitely looking for a barrier method.