what do you get when a nerdy sex educator writes a romance novel?

Back in March/April I read 50 Shades of Grey, as research for my nonfiction book, Come As You Are, which will be published next March.

50 Shades was so bad it made me angry how bad it was. And I swore that I would do something about it.

Specifically, I swore that I would write a feminist, sex positive, evidence-based erotic romance with some kink.

That is really happening. I’m posting it, chapter by chapter on a separate site, so y’all can read it. There are three chapters up now, to get you started.

Basically, I took 50 Shades, doubled the IQs of the hero and heroine, and let whatever wanted to happen… happen.

You’re curious. That’s okay. Go ahead. Click it.

This isn’t the first fiction I’ve written to prove a point. I wrote a forced seduction scene that included ongoing consent to go with the ongoing boundary pushing that is so sexy in this kind of fiction. I wrote an erotic novella with a heroine of size and a short story with a post-menopausal heroine. Because sexy woman-oriented fiction really can be so much better than it is.

Anyway, the title is How Not to Fall, and it will update on Mondays. It’ll wind up between 30-35 chapters (I haven’t actually finished writing it – posting it this way is a key motivator is actually getting the thing DONE), which means the whole thing will be online by around maybe Valentine’s Day (… uh, just in time for the movie version of 50 Shades).