SURVEY SAYS: 3 features of the best compliments a man can give a woman

A couple weeks ago I created a short, informal survey about how men can approach women with compliments. In a series of posts this week, I’ll talk about the top 3 things these results suggest.

Lesson #1 was:  Touching a woman without her permission is a great way to squick her out.

Lesson #2 was: Telling her you find her attractive could go either way – depending mostly on whether she’s attracted to you.


Lesson #3 is:

The best compliments are:






| Before we go any further with this, allow me offer a gigantic
| CAVEAT LECTOR: **This survey is not science.**                                
|                                                                       | 
| |(1) The questions were made up based on things that really
| | happened, but they're not designed to match any kind of             
| | theoretical framework. They're just some things that happened, 
| | that seem different from each other.                                       
| |                                                                       
| | (2) I have no idea who the respondents are, other than people
| | with internet access who probably read English. I didn't ask for            
| | any demographic information and there is no boy-o-meter that
| | would prevent people who don't identify as women from responding.
| |                           
| | I also didn't ask for women who are ATTRACTED to men.
| | If you're not interested in men, that may well influence
| | whether or not you enjoy a particular way of being approached
| | and complimented. It's just a casual internet survey.
| |
| | Take it with All the Grains of Salt.    


The survey consisted of 5 scenarios and one general “check all that apply. It’s the “check all that apply” that’s most relevant here.

Here are the four highest scoring:


And here are the four lowest scoring:



Have I mentioned?

Don’t touch without permission.

And only compliment her appearance if you know she’s already into you.


Also relevant is the one compliment scenario that doesn’t involve either touching or her appearance. Check this out:


It turns out, the ladies, they like to be complimented on their professional performance.


Go figure.


And finally we get to the various “Other (please specify)” comments:








 Effective compliments are genuine, specific… and NOT about her appearance.



Men interested in women: you’re welcome. Women who get approached by men: you’re welcome.

It’s all part of the service here at thedirtynormal.