Emily judges: Henry Stanton

Combining my precarious new skills with Photoshop and my VERY FAVORITE of all my author headshots – which would otherwise go unused and unappreciated in a folder on my desktop – I give you, “Emily Judges.”

In the process of writing the book, I read oh-so-many sex guides, from as far back as the eighteenth century, and dooood, they said SO MANY THINGS that made me give stink eye. SO MANY.

And now I can share those things with you, through the wonders of technology. 🙂

I’ve been trying to learn about the authors of these books, and the astonishing thing is how many of them were, in their time, radically progressive. Henry Stanton, for example, was an abolitionist and women’s rights activist, married to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. And yet… dude.

His book Sex was published 35 years after his death. I haven’t been able to find out why.