sex positivity defined

There are a lot of great definitions of sex positivity out there, but I haven’t found one that I can use in a talk, an interview, or in a blog post that quickly, unambiguously, unmistakably summarizes what I mean.

So I thought about it, and here’s what I came up with:


SEX POSITIVITY: (n) The radical, all-inclusive belief that each person’s body belongs to that person


To say that I am sex positive means no more or less than that I believe your body belongs to you, my body belongs to me, everyone’s body belongs to themselves. We each get to choose what to do with and feel about our own bodies, and none of us gets to choose what anyone else does with or feels about their body.


This, I think, is the meat of sex positivity. (Which would make confidence and joy the two veg on the side.)