4 holiday gifts for the sex nerd in your life

Someone asked me, “Emily, what should I buy for the sex nerd in my life this holiday season?”

Well here are a few ideas to suit most budgets – and they’re all things I can’t imagine working without!

  vulva puppets at the Sex Ed Conference

Of course my first recommendation is an original Vulva Puppet, from Dorrie at House o’ Chicks. I got my first vulva puppet back in 1999 and I’ve loved her every minute. Vulva puppets help create a gentle, celebratory space to talk about sexual anatomy and health. They are beautiful and fun and I’ve got three. If you’ve got the budget for it, consider a custom-made one!


The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is everything the title promises and more. It’s among the very best sex books ever written and every sex nerd should own a copy and reread it every year.


A suction cup dildo. We don’t mess around with bananas or any silly thing. We go right for actual penises-shaped models when we demonstrate how to use a condom correctly and consistently, which, as every sex nerd knows, is the single best way for sexually active adults to prevent STIs.



Support the Kinsey Institute! Or the Guttmacher Institute or any of a number of important, nerdy sex science organizations. Nothing says, “I love you, sex nerd,” like assuring that sex research of all kinds can continue!