get your nerd on, live and in person! UPDATED

Okay friends, here we are 40 days before pub date! My book tour schedule is perilously close to full, and I want to share it with you all, in the special hopes that blog readers will come talk to me.

Do you comment on the blog, but I wouldn’t know you on the street unless you came up to me and started talking about the dual control model?

Do you read the blog but never comment but tell your friends about meta-emotions whenever they start dismissing their own emotions?

Are you a former student of mine who’s been talking about responsive desire everywhere you go, since you graduated?

If any of the above apply to you – or any other variation on “Are you reading this blog post? – COME TALK TO ME! Say hi! This is a long and, I fear, potentially lonely adventure I’ll be on, and it will be so much more fun if I have you folks with me.


I wanted offer a kind of secret code, where if you come up to me and say, “The purple angler fish flies free!” I’d, I don’t know, give you a prize or something, but how about this: If you just say, “Hi Emily! I read your blog!” I’ll be REALLY HAPPY TO MEET YOU, and probably I’ll dig around in my bag of random giveaways I carry with me everywhere. How about that?


Here is a map of where I’ll be. Not all events are open to the public – the purple ones are colleges and universities, and most (not all) of these events are private. The RED and GREEN ones are all public! Come to the RED and GREEN ones!


Some of the purple ones are totally open to the public, including the very first one, Feb 4, in Springfield, MA:

Feb. 4, we\’ll present a FREE CONCERT called \“Love Illuminated!\” with @emilynagoski and pros from the @HartfordWCF at 6:30 in @Damourlibrary

— WNE Music (@WNEMusic) January 23, 2015


We’ll be giving away one of the very first copies of the book at that event!

I’ll work on getting details so folks can find public events on other campuses, too.

If you look at this map and are like, “WHAT THE HELL, EMILY. Why are you not coming within 100 miles of my house?” the answer is: Because you haven’t invited me yet.