LOVE illuminated

Friends, the very first event of my Confident Hair Flip Book Tour will be in Springfield, MA on Wednesday, February 4 at 6:30, on the Western New England University campus. Here’s the Facebook event, where you’ll find the address.


And here is the poster I made, of which I am very proud!


What, you ask, is a “lecture-recital”?

It means I’ll be teaching the science of falling in love, and four singers – soprano, alto, tenor, bass – and a pianist will illustrate each important scientific concept with a song from a Broadway musical!

So for example:\ Anxious attachment style? “You’ll Never Get Away from Me,” because “I’ll never go away from you, even if you told me to…”


Avoidant attachment style? We turn to Stephen Sondheim, and Company:


The chasing dynamic, which can emerge in a relationship where one partner has an anxious attachment style and one has an avoidant attachment style, is illuminated with “Agony,” from Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods:


But my favorite songs are the secure attachment style and


“secure base” behavioral marker.


Oh! And the music director of our little production (and also the alto) is my sister Amelia. We had this weird moment a few years ago where we realized we both got Masters degrees in How to Listen and Have Feelings – mine was in Counseling, hers was in Conducting. Ever since then, our work has seemed to be more similar than different.


So yeah, you should come, if you can! It’s free, it’s a fundraiser for the Women Composers Festival of Hartford, and we’ll be giving away THE VERY FIRST copy of my book.